This following is a list of some of the female traders operating in Hastings and St Leonards. It is certainly not exhaustive. For various reasons, tradeswomen may have gone undocumented at the time, and records are missing which would have provided a good many more names.

A 1850s campaign for early closing of Hastings' provision shops on Saturdays suggested that they close at instead of the customary time of between ten and midnight. The reason was not employees' welfare but concern that they would be too tired "for the religious duties of the Sabbath morning." Hastings & St Leonards News, 22 February 1856

1821 Census (St Mary in the Castle, Hastings)

Dressmaker: Miss Evershed
Greengrocer: Mrs. J. Phillips

1831 Census (St Mary in the Castle, Hastings)

Tea dealer: Miss Eaton
Laundress: Fanny Gower, Back street
Milliner: Sarah Soane, Castle street (crossed out)
Lodging house keeper: Mary Tisley, Priors cottages (crossed out)
Lodging house keeper: Elizabeth Phillips, Beach houses (crossed out)
Lodging house keeper: Hannah Ruth, York gardens (crossed out)

Left:  29 George street, in which Mrs Hyland ran an eating house c 1830s-40s
Right:   All Saints' street - 102, where Mary White had a grocery,
and 103, where Eliza Paris had a greengrocery

Hannah Morton's advert in the Hastings & St Leonards News, 1850.
Mrs Morton was at the time the most successful female shopkeeper in Hastings,
with the leading china and glass shop in the area.

Pigot's Directory 1839

Bookseller: Eleanor Slade, 16 1/2 High st (b. 1807)
China Dealer: Hannah Morton, 26-7 (later 43) High st
Eatinghouse keeper: Mrs. Ann Hyland, 29 George st (still there 1845)
Fishmonger: Margaret Tassell, East street
Fancy shop: Elizabeth Cohen, 10 Castle st
Fancy shop: Ann Reynolds, 37 Marina (still there 1852; b.1799, widow)
Stationer: Sarah Bryant, 84 High st
Fruiterer: Ann Guy, 60 George street
Tea dealer: Sophia Abbott, 33 West street
Toy dealer: Mary Roe, Marine parade
Grocer: Elizabeth #990033man, Halton fields
Grocer: Mary Monday, 6 Stone st
Grocer: Sarah Jones, Barrack ground
Grocer: Mary Ann Stewart, 50 High st
Grocer: Ann Palk, Wellington court
Draper: Charlotte Green, 28 George st

Clothing trade:

Straw hat maker: Mrs. Payne, George street
Straw hat maker: Mrs. Louisa Pollard, Courthouse street (later 102 High st; b.1804, married to a tailor, three children)
Straw hat maker: Mrs. Ann Lansdell, 3 Bentinck cottages
Staymaker: Sarah Daniell, 89 High st
Staymaker: Sarah Poile, 45 (later 61 1/2) George street
Staymaker: Ann Russell, 6 Pelham arcade
Staymaker: Mary Ann Fullager, 33 Robertson street

Left:  Mrs Osborne's advertisment for her printing business
Right:  Mrs Golding's advertisement in Osborne's 1858 Directory

Kelly's Directory 1845

Cowkeeper, 6 Courthouse street: Mrs. Frances Whiteman
Farmer: Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, Priory farm
Confectioners & fruiterers: Sarah & John Wheeler 17 High st
Confectioners & fruiterers: Mrs. Charlotte Wheeler 17 High st
Furniture broker: Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, 26 High st
Eating-house: Mrs. Ann Hyland, 29 George st
Library & stationer: Ann Holt, 24 White rock (b.1815, single, joint business with brother)
China dealer: Mrs. Hannah Morton, 43 High st
Greengrocer: Eliza Paris, 103 All Saints' st
Grocer: Hannah White, 75 All Saints' street
Grocer: Mrs. Margaret White, Bourne st (b.1780, widow, by 1851 moved to 1, Pleasant row)
Fruiterer & seed dealer: Ann Golding, 16 George st
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Theodosia Baker, St Andrews terrace
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Ann Bishop, Gensing road
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Ann Cousins, Hill st
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Mary White, 102 All Saints' st
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Ann Mills, 5 Claremont

Clothing trade:

Hosier, glovier & shirtmaker: 31 Robertson street: Mrs Undine Pegge
Furrier & leather dresser: Mrs. Jemima Johnson, 72 1/2 High st
Milliner: Mrs. Day, 31 High st
Milliner: Caroline Fermor, 22 George st
Milliner: Mrs. E. Fisher, 101 All Saints' st
Milliner & dressmaker: Mrs. Louisa Honiss, 5 York place
Milliner & dress maker: Mrs. Frances Tooth, 4 Castle st
Milliner & Berlin wool warehouse: Mrs. Louisa Soane, 59 High st (b. 1809, later 119 All Saints' street,
      husband and two sons were painters/glaziers)
Straw hat manufacturer: Jane Phillips, Parade
Straw bonnet maker: Harriet Walker, Meadow cottages (later 122 All Saints' street)
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Judith Carpenter, 104 High st
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Jane Carr, 45 1/2 George st
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Hide, All Saints' st
Straw hat manufacturer & milliner: Mrs. Hannah Ives, 18 (later 44 George st)
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Elizabeth Foord, 61 George st
Tea and fancy dealer: Mrs. Elizabeth Pitter, 7 George st
Staymakers: Mrs. Sarah Daniels & Mrs. Mary Jeffrey, 36 High st
Staymaker: Mrs. A Honiss, 5 York place

Left:  118 High street, from where Mary Weston ran a dressmaking business (photo: J Meredith)
Right:  Pelham Arcade, with a businesswoman at her stall. (Lithograph: C Hullmandel)


(1851 Censuses, Home Counties Directory 1851, Osborne's Directory 1852, 1857 and 1858,
Sussex Directory 1855)

Shops and services (non-provision):

Printer: Mrs. Osborne, 55 George street (joint business with husband)
Berlin wool repository: Mrs. Osborne, 55 George street
Stationer & tea dealer: Mrs. Mary Cope, 115 Marina (b.1817, married with 4 yr old child)
Stationer & Post Office Receiving House: Mrs Charlotte Osborne, 27 Castle street
Ironmonger: Sarah Offen, 3 Norman road west (b.1811, widow with 3 children)
Coal merchant: Eliza Ann Deudney, 43 (later 104) Marina (b.1806, widow with one child)
#990033smith & Shoeing: Mrs. M. Ranger West street (& 14 Shepherd st) (b.1814, in business with husband,
     a master #990033smith; five children)
Shell dealer: Sarah Hide, 3 Pleasant row (b.1804, widow with three daughters and a fisherman son)
Shells (British & Foreign): Mrs. Oliver, Marine parade
Toydealer: Charlotte Wood, George street
Tobacconist: Harriet Bate, 26 Castle street
Baby linen dealer: Emma Palmer, 25 Castle street
Baby linen dealer: Janet Miller, 25 Castle street (1845)
Linen draper: Mrs. Hampton, 25 George street
Linen draper: Mrs. Philpott, 38 Marina
Linen draper: Mrs. Harriet Bell, 36 All Saints' street
Upholsteress: Charlotte Morley, 5 Market terrace (b.1803, married, 3 children)
Upholsteress: Emmeline Morley. 5 Marker terrace (b.1832, daughter of the above)
Lace manufacturer: Martha Healey, 20 Castle street (1851)

Shops and services (provision):

Fruiterer & greengrocer: Mrs. Ann Walter, 6 South Colonnade. (Still trading 1862)
Egg merchant: Madame Flouré, 62 George street
Fishmonger: Harriot Craig, 2 Creek (b.1803, married to a bricklayer, four children)
Dairywoman: Elizabeth Stevens, Bohemia farm (b.1821, married to farm bailiff)
Beershop keeper: Caroline Barnes, 9 Lavatoria (b.1807, husband a special constable)
Beershop keeper: Mrs. Ann Tyril (Tyrell?) Alma Beer Shop, All Saints' street (joint business with husband; 5 daughters)
Beer retailer: Mrs. Frances Burton, 30 West street
Baker: Mrs. Harriot Beck, 4 London road (1851) (b.1800, widow)
Baker: Mrs. Harriot Ranger, 16 Stone street (1855)
Baker: Emma Clark, 4 Pelham street
Baker: Mrs. Jane Smith, 56 High street
Baker: Sarah Betts, 26 Bourne street (b.1802, widow, one son and one servant)
Baker: Mrs. Felstead, 5 Castle road (widow; Mr. Felstead committed suicide in 1851 by cutting his throat at 5 Castle road)
Greengrocer & beerseller: Lucy Scott, 1 Waterloo place (b.1804)
Fish seller: Kitty White, Waterloo passage (b.1792)
Fruiterer/grocer: Mrs. Burt, Market passage
Grocer: Sarah Jones, 33 Bohemia terrace
Grocer: Theodosia Baker, 4 High street
Grocer: Charlotte Blayden, 129 All Saints' street (b.1813, married)
Grocer: Mrs. Mary Ann Ranger, 3 Mercatoria (b.1813, married to a shoemaker)
Grocer, newsagent, tobacconist: Eliza and Jane Smith, 31 High street
Grocer: Eliza Guess, 2 High street (b.1823, married with baby son)
Grocer: Sarah White, 75 All Saints' street (b.1787, widow with three daughters, one a schoolmistress)
Grocer: Susannah Betts, 103 All Saints' street (b.1807, husband a fisherman, eight children aged 2 to 17)
Greengrocer: Charlotte Hinkley, 124 All Saints' street (b.1821, husband was a mariner; 2 children)
Greengrocer: Mary Kennard, 135 All Saints' street (b.1817, widow)
Greengrocer: Elizabeth Fulmer, 22 Shepherd street (b.1802, widow, 2 sons)
Greengrocer: Ann Mills, 10 Prospect place (b.1799, widow, 2 children)
Huckster: Elizabeth Prior (b.1797) and her daughters Isabella & Matilda, 3 Fountain road

Clothing trade:

Furrier and feather dresser: Mrs. Hargrave, 6 Waterloo place
Hatter: Mrs. Ann Lott, 58 George street
Mrs. Esther Baily, 18 Robertson street (b.1816, married to a haberdasher)
Mary Vine, 2 Mercatoria (b.1828, single)
Sarah Pomphrey, 3 West street
Emily Pierce, 35 High street
Louisa Smith, 17 Stone street
Mrs. Mary Ann Smith, 20 Castle street (1855)
Straw bonnet makers:
Miss Pearce, 35 High street
Mrs. Pollard, 102 High street
Miss Slough, Norman road west
Mrs. Smith, 13 South colonnade (Marina)
Charlotte Harmer, 2 St Michael's terrace (b.1826, single)

Corsetmaker: Jane Wallis, 109 All Saints' street (b.1816, married)
Seamstress: Ann Harman, 114 All Saints' street (b.1805, widow)
Needlewoman: Mary Tulley, Mercatoria (b.1795, widow)

Catherine Fisher, 19 East ascent
Charlotte Sargent, 144 All Saints' street
Ann Heath, 15 Castle st
Eliza Grisebrook, 2 High st
Mrs. Hollands, Castle road
Miss Fisher, 51 1/2 High st
Martha Smith, 36 George street
Mrs. Lye, 14 Robertson street
Mrs. Tooth, 4 Castle st
(& milliner) Mme Victorine Winsor, 4 Stratford place (b. Paris 1803, married to an out-of-business tradesman; 4 daughters)
Isabella Winsor, 4 Stratford place
(& milliner) Mrs. Catherine Griffin, 54 (later 55) All Saints' st
Matilda Walker, 1 Gensing road (b.1828, single)
Miss Hoad, 13 Castle st
Mary Ann Morris, 64 All Saints' street
Mary Weston, 118 High st
Ann Lulham, 2 High street
... and dozens more.

Laundress: Hannah Sargent, 144 All Saints' street
Laundress: Maria Grisbrook, 139 All Saints' street
Laundress: Maria Stapley, 143 All Saints' street (b.1785)
Nurse: Sarah Jennings, 114 All Saints' street
Nurse: Susannah Scott, Gensing road (b.1787, single)
Shoebinder: Mary Godden, 143 All Saints' street
Shoebinder: Frances Elphick, 4 Mount pleasant
Bootbinder: Elizabeth Hamson, 5 Caves road (b.1826, married with one child)
Ironer: Jane Cramp, 143 All Saints' street (age 25)

Left:  Mrs Lye's advert in Kelly's Directory
Right:  Mrs Osborne's advert

For more 1840s & 1850s Hastings' tradeswomen's advertisements,
and photographs of their locations, click here.

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