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1821 Census (St Mary in the Castle, Hastings)
Dressmaker: Miss Evershed
Greengrocer: Mrs. J. Phillips

1831 Census (St Mary in the Castle, Hastings)
Tea dealer: Miss Eaton
Laundress: Fanny Gower, Back street
Milliner: Sarah Soane, Castle street
Lodging house keepers: Mary Tisley, Priors cottages; Elizabeth Phillips, Beach houses; Hannah Ruth, York Gardens

Pigot's Directory 1839
Bookseller: Eleanor Slade, 16 1/2 High st (b. 1807)
China Dealer: Hannah Morton, 26-7 (later 43) High st. Retired and sold shop 1872
Eatinghouse keeper: Mrs. Ann Hyland, 29 George st (still there 1845)
Fishmonger: Margaret Tassell, East street
Fancy shop: Elizabeth Cohen, 10 Castle st
Fancy shop: Ann Reynolds, 37 Marina (still there 1852; b.1799, widow)
Stationer: Sarah Bryant, 84 High st
Fruiterer: Ann Guy, 60 George street
Tea dealer: Sophia Abbott, 33 West street
Toy dealer: Mary Roe, Marine parade
Grocer: Elizabeth Blackman, Halton fields
Grocer: Mary Monday, 6 Stone st
Grocer: Sarah Jones, Barrack ground
Grocer: Mary Ann Stewart, 50 High st
Grocer: Ann Palk, Wellington court
Draper: Charlotte Green, 28 George st

Clothing trade:
Straw hat maker: Mrs. Payne, George street
Straw hat maker: Mrs. Louisa Pollard, Courthouse street (later 102 High st)
Straw hat maker: Mrs. Ann Lansdell, 3 Bentinck cottages
Staymaker: Sarah Daniell, 89 High st
Staymaker: Sarah Poile, 45 (later 61 1/2) George street
Staymaker: Ann Russell, 6 Pelham arcade
Staymaker: Mary Ann Fullager, 33 Robertson street

Kelly's Directory 1845
Cowkeeper, 6 Courthouse street: Mrs. Frances Whiteman
Farmer: Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, Priory farm
Confectioners & fruiterers: Sarah & John Wheeler 17 High st
Confectioners & fruiterers: Mrs. Charlotte Wheeler 17 High st
Furniture broker: Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, 26 High st
Eating-house: Mrs. Ann Hyland, 29 George st
Library & stationer: Ann Holt, 24 White rock (b.1815, single, joint business with brother)
China dealer: Mrs. Hannah Morton, 43 High st
Greengrocer: Eliza Paris, 103 All Saints' st
Grocer: Hannah White, 75 All Saints' street
Grocer: Mrs. Margaret White, Bourne st (b.1780, widow, by 1851 moved to 1, Pleasant row)
Fruiterer & seed dealer: Ann Golding, 16 George st
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Theodosia Baker, St Andrews terrace
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Ann Bishop, Gensing road
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Ann Cousins, Hill st
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Mary White, 102 All Saints' st
Shopkeeper: Mrs. Ann Mills, 5 Claremont

Clothing trade:
Hosier, glovier & shirtmaker: 31 Robertson street: Mrs Undine Pegge
Furrier & leather dresser: Mrs. Jemima Johnson, 72 1/2 High st
Milliner: Mrs. Day, 31 High st
Milliner: Caroline Fermor, 22 George st
Milliner: Mrs. E. Fisher, 101 All Saints' st
Milliner & dressmaker: Mrs. Louisa Honiss, 5 York place
Milliner & dress maker: Mrs. Frances Tooth, 4 Castle st
Milliner & Berlin wool warehouse: Mrs. Louisa Soane, 59 High st (b. 1809, later 119 All Saints' street,
      husband and two sons were painters/glaziers)
Straw hat manufacturer: Jane Phillips, Parade
Straw bonnet maker: Harriet Walker, Meadow cottages (later 122 All Saints' street)
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Judith Carpenter, 104 High st
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Jane Carr, 45 1/2 George st
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Hide, All Saints' st
Straw hat manufacturer & milliner: Mrs. Hannah Ives, 18 (later 44 George st)
Straw hat manufacturer: Mrs. Elizabeth Foord, 61 George st
Tea and fancy dealer: Mrs. Elizabeth Pitter, 7 George st
Staymakers: Mrs. Sarah Daniels & Mrs. Mary Jeffrey, 36 High st
Staymaker: Mrs. A Honiss, 5 York place

(1851 Censuses, Home Counties Directory 1851, Osborne's Directory 1852, 1857 and 1858,
Sussex Directory 1855)

Shops and services (non-provision):
Printer: Mrs. Osborne, 55 George street (joint business with husband)
Berlin wool repository: Mrs. Osborne, 55 George street
Stationer & tea dealer: Mrs. Mary Cope, 115 Marina
Stationer & Post Office Receiving House: Mrs Charlotte Osborne, 27 Castle street
Ironmonger: Sarah Offen, 3 Norman road west (b.1811, widow with 3 children)
Coal merchant: Eliza Ann Deudney, 43 (later 104) Marina (b.1806, widow with one child)
blacksmith& Shoeing: Mrs. M. Ranger West street (& 14 Shepherd st) (b.1814, in business with husband,
     a master blacksmith; five children)
Shell dealer: Sarah Hide, 3 Pleasant row (b.1804, widow with three daughters and a fisherman son)
Shells (British & Foreign): Mrs. Oliver, Marine parade
Toydealer: Charlotte Wood, George street
Tobacconist: Harriet Bate, 26 Castle street
Baby linen dealer: Emma Palmer, 25 Castle street
Baby linen dealer: Janet Miller, 25 Castle street (1845)
Linen draper: Mrs. Hampton, 25 George street
Linen draper: Mrs. Philpott, 38 Marina
Linen draper: Mrs. Harriet Bell, 36 All Saints' street
Upholsteress: Charlotte Morley, 5 Market terrace
Upholsteress: Emmeline Morley. 5 Marker terrace (b.1832, daughter of the above)
Lace manufacturer: Martha Healey, 20 Castle street (1851)

Shops and services (provision):
Fruiterer & greengrocer: Mrs. Ann Walter, 6 South Colonnade. (Still trading 1862)
Egg merchant: Madame Flouré, 62 George street
Fishmonger: Harriot Craig, 2 Creek
Dairywoman: Elizabeth Stevens, Bohemia farm (b.1821, married to farm bailiff)
Beershop keeper: Caroline Barnes, 9 Lavatoria (b.1807, husband a special constable)
Beershop keeper: Mrs. Ann Tyril (Tyrell?) Alma Beer Shop, All Saints' street (joint business with husband; 5 daughters)
Beer retailer: Mrs. Frances Burton, 30 West street
Baker: Mrs. Harriot Beck, 4 London road (1851) (b.1800, widow)
Baker: Mrs. Harriot Ranger, 16 Stone street (1855)
Baker: Emma Clark, 4 Pelham street
Baker: Mrs. Jane Smith, 56 High street
Baker: Sarah Betts, 26 Bourne street (b.1802, widow, one son and one servant)
Baker: Mrs. Felstead, 5 Castle road (widow; Mr. Felstead committed suicide in 1851 by cutting his throat at 5 Castle road)
Greengrocer & beerseller: Lucy Scott, 1 Waterloo place (b.1804)
Fish seller: Kitty White, Waterloo passage (b.1792)
Fruiterer/grocer: Mrs. Burt, Market passage
Grocer: Sarah Jones, 33 Bohemia terrace
Grocer: Theodosia Baker, 4 High street
Grocer: Charlotte Blayden, 129 All Saints' street
Grocer: Mrs. Mary Ann Ranger, 3 Mercatoria
Grocer, newsagent, tobacconist: Eliza and Jane Smith, 31 High street
Grocer: Eliza Guess, 2 High street
Grocer: Sarah White, 75 All Saints' street (b.1787, widow with three daughters, one a schoolmistress)
Grocer: Susannah Betts, 103 All Saints' street (b.1807, husband a fisherman, eight children aged 2 to 17)
Greengrocer: Charlotte Hinkley, 124 All Saints' street (b.1821, husband was a mariner; 2 children)
Greengrocer: Mary Kennard, 135 All Saints' street (b.1817, widow)
Greengrocer: Elizabeth Fulmer, 22 Shepherd street (b.1802, widow, 2 sons)
Greengrocer: Ann Mills, 10 Prospect place (b.1799, widow, 2 children)
Huckster: Elizabeth Prior (b.1797) and her daughters Isabella & Matilda, 3 Fountain road

Clothing trade:
Furrier and feather dresser: Mrs. Hargrave, 6 Waterloo place
Hatter: Mrs. Ann Lott, 58 George street
Mrs. Esther Baily, 18 Robertson street
Mary Vine, 2 Mercatoria (b.1828, single)
Sarah Pomphrey, 3 West street
Emily Pierce, 35 High street
Louisa Smith, 17 Stone street
Mrs. Mary Ann Smith, 20 Castle street (1855)
Straw bonnet makers:
Miss Pearce, 35 High street
Mrs. Pollard, 102 High street
Miss Slough, Norman road west
Mrs. Smith, 13 South colonnade (Marina)
Charlotte Harmer, 2 St Michael's terrace (b.1826, single)

Corsetmaker: Jane Wallis, 109 All Saints' street
Seamstress: Ann Harman, 114 All Saints' street (b.1805, widow)
Needlewoman: Mary Tulley, Mercatoria (b.1795, widow)

Catherine Fisher, 19 East ascent
Charlotte Sargent, 144 All Saints' street
Ann Heath, 15 Castle st
Eliza Grisebrook, 2 High st
Mrs. Hollands, Castle road
Miss Fisher, 51 1/2 High st
Martha Smith, 36 George street
Mrs. Lye, 14 Robertson street
Mrs. Tooth, 4 Castle st
(& milliner) Mme Victorine Winsor, 4 Stratford place
Isabella Winsor, 4 Stratford place
(& milliner) Mrs. Catherine Griffin, 54 (later 55) All Saints' st
Matilda Walker, 1 Gensing road (b.1828, single)
Miss Hoad, 13 Castle st
Mary Ann Morris, 64 All Saints' street
Mary Weston, 118 High st
Ann Lulham, 2 High street
... and dozens more.

Laundress: Hannah Sargent, 144 All Saints' street
Laundress: Maria Grisbrook, 139 All Saints' street
Laundress: Maria Stapley, 143 All Saints' street (b.1785)
Nurse: Sarah Jennings, 114 All Saints' street
Nurse: Susannah Scott, Gensing road (b.1787, single)
Shoebinder: Mary Godden, 143 All Saints' street
Shoebinder: Frances Elphick, 4 Mount pleasant
Bootbinder: Elizabeth Hamson, 5 Caves road
Ironer: Jane Cramp, 143 All Saints' street (age 25)

Left:  29 George street, in which Mrs Hyland ran an eating house c 1830s-40s
Right:   All Saints' street - 102, where Mary White had a grocery,
and 103, where Eliza Paris had a greengrocery

Hannah Morton's advert in the Hastings & St Leonards News, 1850.
Mrs Morton was at the time the most successful female shopkeeper in Hastings,
with the leading china and glass shop in the area.

For more 1840s & 1850s Hastings' tradeswomen's advertisements,
and photographs of their locations, click here.

Left:  Mrs Osborne's advertisment for her printing business
Right:  Mrs Golding's advertisement in Osborne's 1858 Directory

Left:  118 High street, from where Mary Weston ran a dressmaking business (photo: J Meredith)
Right:  Pelham Arcade, with a businesswoman at her stall. (Lithograph: C Hullmandel)

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