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Prior to the introduction of state education in 1870 there were four types of school: private, endowed, church and ragged. Private schools run by unqualified persons were often of dubious educational worth. Endowed schools were funded by philanthropists; one was set up by James Saunders in Hastings in 1708, and Cavendish place infants' was established in 1829 by the Infant School Society. National Schools were owned and run by the Church of England on religious principles and British and Foreign Schools were run by nonconformist churches. National and British Schools both opened in Hastings in 1835. The Ragged School Union, founded 1844, ran the third type of school, for the poor.

In addition to this list, many women offered private tuition in the arts, especially in music.


Schoolmistress: Mrs Bray, Blucher street (now Russell St.)


James Saunders' Endowed School, 10 Wood's row: Mrs. Elizabeth Dicker
The British School at Waterloo place: Mary Ann Seldon
Cavendish place infants': Martha Andrew
East hill National school, Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson
East ascent National school: Sarah Bulley
East ascent infants': Ann Cane
West hill Preparatory: Laura Phillips
Boarding school, 2 Wellington square: Sarah Bray
Fairlight downs boarding & day school: Sophia Apps
Fairlight down day school: Rebecca White
Private school at 17 High street: Lydia Burrows
Private school at 115-6 High street: Misses Clarke
Private school at 81 High street: Miss Jackson & Miss Dunk
Private school at 55 Marina: Ann Edgar
Children's day school: Mrs. Sarah Stanbridge, All Saints' street
Seminary: Misses Eliza, Margaret & Jane Twiddy, 81 High street
Seminary: Mrs. And Miss Blogg, 115 High street
Seminary: Miss Dunk, Castle hill
Seminary: Miss Whistler, High street
Preparatory school for gents: Miss Lydia Borrow, 117 High street
Lydia and her sister Martha ran this highly-regarded school from 1837 to 1874.

Regulations for the Future Conduct of the Charity School for Poor Children at Hastings founded by Mr. James Saunders.

That the Mayor, Jurats and Commonlty of the Town and Port of Hastings shall from time to time appoint two religious, honest and respectable Schoolmistresses or Schooldames, one of the Parish of St. Clement's; and the other of the Parish of All Saints in Hastings aforesaid capable to teach & instruct Poor Children of Both Sexes in Spelling and Reading English.


National School, Mercatoria (1845): Mrs Sarah Gibson
Age 25. Her husband, 21, was schoolmaster. They had one child, aged 6 months.
National School, All Saints' & East Hill: Mrs Hudson
National School, St Mary's, Stone fields: Miss Tinden & Miss White
Mercatoria Infants': Miss Ann White, mistress
All Souls' Convent, Bohemia road: Lucy Wooley; Sarah Ore
The British School for girls, Waterloo place: Mrs E Winter
In former Wesleyan Chapel. Patron: Duchess of Kent
Cavendish place infants': Martha Andrew
Ladies' Boarding school, 4 High street: Matilda Hodder
Boarding & day school, 5 Coburg place: Caroline Matilda Hatton
Seminary, Coburg place: Mrs. Joseph Samson
Seminary, Holloway house: Maria Rich
Ladies' school, 4 Wellington terrace: Ellen Rosina Russell
School proprietresses: Sarah Ades & Sophia Ades, Prospect House
Preparatory school mistress: Emma Davis, London road
Boarding seminary: Misses A., E., and F. Edgar, 53 Marina
Preparatory school mistress: Miss Mary Reed, 22 East ascent
Professor of Music: Mrs. Louisa Rising, South lodge west
Drawing teacher: Mariana Fisher, 4 Prospect place


Girl's British & Foreign School: Miss Elizabeth Mary Caesar
Halton National School: Anna English; Miss Eizabeth Thorpe
Halton infants': Mrs. Ellen Smith
Church street infants'. Amelia Andrews; Martha Andrews (head)
St Mary's Girls', Castle hill/Wellington street: Miss Hannah Sophia Gore
St Mary's Infants', Castle hill: Miss Cohen; Miss Louisa Barnes
St Leonards Infants': Miss Townsend
St Clement's & All Saints' girls': Rebecca Bazley
Hastings Union (workhouse): Miss Emily Harman
Ladies' school, 2 Albion cottages: Miss Lucy Clark, teacher of French, Music and Drawing
Ladies' school, 41 All Saints' street: Mrs. Ginner
Ladies' school, Waterloo place: Mrs. Wise
Ladies' seminary, 1 Albion cottages: Miss Mary Ann Lancaster
1 Castle down terrace (boarding). Miss Nichols
Ladies' boarding school: Halloway place. Misses Chapman and Bonnick

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